Group Personal Training Schedule



5am Resisitance

8:30 Powerburn

6:15 Resistance


5am Sunrise Service

8:15am Foundations

12:15 Interval Training

5:15 Fusion Fit

6:15 Full Throttle


5am Full Throttle

8:30am Powerburn

12 Ground Zero

5:15 Fusion Fit

6:15 Foundations


5am Sunrise Service

8:15am Full Throttle

12:15 Interval Training

5:15 Fusion Fit

6:15 Ground Zero


5am Fusion Fit

8:15am Ground Zero

8:30am Powerburn


8:15am Bootcamp


Thanks for inquiring about City Fitness Personal Training! This is an effective and affordable way for us to provide personal training to assist you in shredding the fat and get you into the best shape of your life. While we proudly offer one-on-one training, our group personal training programs allow members both small (2-4) and large group options, which encourages a group support system and motivation at a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training. The new you is closer than you think! Schedule your FREE one hour assessment today! What do you have to lose?

Class Descriptions:

Foundations- This is the ideal Circuit for beginners where we cover basic movements that are essential building blocks to our program

Full Throttle- Our most advanced metabolic training class. High intensity intervals will keep you burning fat up to 24 hours after your session!

The Resistance- This class will focus on building strength with emphasis placed on quality training with heavier weights and less reps. We will coach you through building strength on certain movements by progressively increasing over a 4 week period.

Ground Zero- A new format for the Personal Training program where you will go through a specific muscle group with the trainer, learning the correct form and movements. You will challenge yourself by choosing your own weights and pushing to keep up with the trainer’s calls. All Levels Welcome!!

Small Group Training:

Small Group Classes are not only smaller in size (2-4), exercise movements are adjusted to your ability and routines are different everytime you train to keep your body adapting to maximize your results. With Small Group Training you schedule the times for better flexiblity and you can create your own group to train with.