Enrollment Fees $35.00

Plus Membership Package- Includes access to facility during staffed hours. 

Annual Memberships

Individual Rate- $30/$360    Couples Rate- $50/$600


6 Month Memberships

Individual Rate- $35/$210    Couples Rate-$55/$330


No Contract Memberships

Individual Rate- $40                  Couples Rate-$60


Loyalty Membership $99

Add Child Fitness $8 each per month

24/7 Access-$5 per person per month/$60 annual

24/7 Access Members must be 21 years or older

Unlimited Tanning $20 per person per month/$240 annual

Locker and Towel Service $7.50

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At City Fitness our members can custom build their own memberships to meet their needs. Members can first select how long they would like to join (1 month, 6 months, or 1 year). Next choose from the list of upgrades to make it the right membership for you or your family. No matter which membership you pick at City Fitness you don't just join, you belong!